I call this buck ghost. I have 2 years of trail camera pictures but have never been able to lay my eyes on him or find sheds. He is a main frame 8 pointer with a couple kickers off his G2s. I haven't seen him since last winter so I have a feeling he's gone.

This picture was taken on December 15. I have no other pictures of this buck. My guess is the yearling fawn came into estrus late and this buck chased her from a surrounding farm.


These are a few of my December and January trail camera photos. This is probably my favorite time of year to have a trail camera in the field. Throw out the corn and the deer come in.


Winter 2008

In two years of having trail cameras out, I have only two pictures of this buck. I have no pictures of this deer in 2008, but while pheasant hunting this December I found his left antler.

This buck is not very big I just like the picture because his rack is all busted up and he has a scare on his face.

This is the only good buck that I saw while scouting for the 2007 hunting season. This picture doesn't do him justice. He is well outside his ears and before he was broken up he was very symmetrical.

Fall 2008

This was the first picture of a buck out of velvet this season. I'm sure he was dazed for a couple of seconds.

I thought this was a good picture of a doe and her twins.

A couple of promising young bucks.

This is a nice 12 point buck. He is a main frame 9 point with three kicker points.